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    DDE Errors with Adobe Reader 9.3.4






      I'm trying to develop an assistive technology for blind people to use PDF-documents in a planar and two dimensional way. In this manner I would like to control the AdobeReader to show a document automatically in the way I could best handle it.


      So I try to send AdobeReader via DDE protocol to execute some menu entries.


      E.g. [MenuitemExecute(FitPage)],[MenuitemExecute(SinglePage)] or [AppShow()]


      I us the server name "acroview" and the topic name "control“. The server connetion is no problem but the ececution of the commands lead into an Exception ([NDde.DdeException] = {"The client failed to execute \"[AppShow()]\"."})


      In the Acrobat SDK 9.1 I hat found that it will be possible to control the AdobeReader this way and in some forums I heard that it will be the ONLY way. And also I think I remember that it worked some month ago (but not sure). In Adobe Acrobat professional 9.1 it works fine.


      Do anybody know what is wrong or if Adobe disables this way to control the AdobeReader?!?


      I thank everyone in advance,