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    Premiere Pro cs5 Jittery avchd rendering, now sequence cannot be opened


      Hello, I've been working on a fully licensed version premiere pro, production suite.  I've been editing down avchd footage off of a cannon HF S200.

      I have a mbp with an intel core duo 2.66 ghz 4gb ram

      I've been having problems while rendering my footage into any format.  when it renderes the footage has jittery video playback, and on some formats, it has subdued audio for only certain clips in the sequence.


      However, after doing the 5.02 update this morning, I am now unable to open any of my projects. 


      "This sequence contained a sequence that could not be opened. No sequence preview preset file or codec could be associated with this sequence type."


      When I open up a new project, the preset for avchd is gone, and when I go into the media preview and try to preview on of said files, it says "Unsupported codec"


      So my question is, did the new update get rid of my AVCHD support and how do I fix my rendering problems?


      Thank you for your time,



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          dan3039 Level 1

          Screen shot 2010-09-02 at 10.34.57 AM.png

          I also just noticed that the files that are normally under the tab for premiere seem to be missing.  I've been trying to find a way to re-insert them/ repair the file, but to no success so far.  I'm currently re-downloading premiere now to try and re-install it.  Will advise if it helps, but the rendering problem should still exist even if the files codec is restored.

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            Andy T2 Adobe Employee

            Hi Dan:


            I have reviewed your post here, and I wanted to respond to your concerns. If I could summarize, you appear to be raising two separate issues.


            1. After updating your Production Premium software, Premiere is unable to open your AVCHD project.

            2. Exported files have jitter artifacts.


            Please correct or clarify if I haven't gotten this right. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to reproduce the update problem on our systems here. But I have gone over your comments, and I think we may have some understanding of the update problem, with a possible solution. As to the jitter seen in exports, let me address that separately at the end of this response, as you seem to be saying this predated the updater problem.


            Reviewing the screen shot in your second post, it's obvious that some files are missing from the Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 folder. In a typical install, you should have the following items in that folder:


            Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 [app]

            Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 ReadMe.html

            Configurations [folder]

            Presets [folder]

            Uninstall Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 [alias]


            Your Premiere folder contains only the app. Since these other files are missing, and you said you had been using Premiere with the AVCHD project prior to the update, the logical guess would be that there was some problem with the update, or perhaps an interuption of the update process. I also noted that the install dates of the other applications in your Production Premium suite had the same Modification dates as your Premiere install, so they were not updated either. So I have some questions regarding your update process:


            Did you download a patch, or use the automatic Adobe updater?

            Do the other applications in your suite still work OK?

            Did you selectively update only some of the Production Premium applications, or did you attempt to update all of them?

            Did the updater give you a dialog saying that all updates had completed correctly?

            Do you have other third-party software that you use with Premiere (such as a plug-in or enhancement from a non-Adobe provider)?


            As to a resolution of the Premiere application problem, based on the fact that your Premiere folder is missing files, the only likely solution is to uninstall and reinstall Premiere, and then apply the update to get to 5.0.2. You should check the other applications in your Production Premium suite to make sure that they are working. Presuming they are OK, you can then launch the uninstaller for any other application in the suite, and get a prompt to uninstall the entire suite. In that dialog, deselect the other working apps, and make sure that Premiere is selected for uninstallation. Once the uninstall is complete, you'll need your original disks or ESD file to reinstall Premiere. Once the reinstall is complete, make sure Premiere is working OK, and then you can invoke the updater from the Help menu (presuming your system is connected to the Internet). Let us know that turns out; our uninstall/reinstall tests have been working OK.


            As to the jitter issue: in your original post, you use the phrase "rendering my footage into any format." Usually, the term "render" refers to video previews used when editing in the Timeline; for media files, we would say export. I do have Canon AVCHD S-type footage on hand, but ours is from the S10, and not the S200, but they should be the same family of AVCHD products. I'm unclear as to what type of jitter you are seeing. What types of export are you performing? I did attempt a number of exports in a variety of formats with the Canon footage, and it appeared to be representative of the original source media. Any details you can provide in this regard might be of help.


            In addition, I would recommend that for the highest quality exports in your configuration (Mercury Software Rendering), you should check the box in the Export Settings dialog, "Use Maximum Render Quality." While these renders take somewhat longer than standard quality, they do result in a better export file. Once you're up and running, give this a try. If it doesn't resolve your issues, let us know what types of jitter artifacts you are seeing. While many issues were addressed in the update, there are a number of export issues in many formats that are known problems. It would be good if you could clarify the image problems after you've repaired your installation. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide on these issues.


            -- Andy

            -- Premiere Pro Team

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              Colin Brougham Level 6



              Check out this thread: 5.0.2 Missing MPEG codecs?


              My guess is that you got bit by the "revert to trial" bug that seems to be endemic to these updates. Unfortunately, it means a complete uninstall, cleaning of any remaining files, and a reinstall, but it's the only way to get back to where you should be.

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                conleec Level 1

                I'm having the exact same issue. The automatic updater broke Premiere CS5 on both my Macbook Pro and my MacPro tower. On my laptop I lost the MPEG codecs, and on the Tower is absolutely refuses to install the udpate. When I get a spare moment I'll try to uninstall then reinstall.



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                  Andy T2 Adobe Employee

                  Hi Colin:


                  In rooting around the other forums, I'm seeing this "revert to trial" issue reported, but I'm not getting clarity on two points:


                  1. Is this behavior related to the original install method? Disks versus ESD? Trial to Buy or straight retail install? It's not happening to everybody.

                  2. Is this behavior related to the method of update? I mean the server update versus a downloaded patch.


                  We do test a wide variety of different scenarios before we put the updates out, but it would be good to know how people are encountering this.


                  In addition, I think that Dan's issue is slightly different, in that there are other problems with his outcome, as I noted in the earlier reply. I'll keep looking into the revert to trial issue, nonetheless.


                  -- Andy

                  -- Premiere Pro Team

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                    Colin Brougham Level 6

                    Hi Andy,


                    Good to see another Adobe rep around here; we can't have too many.


                    This issue came around in either the 4.1 or 4.2 update of CS4. It bit me repeatedly; for reference, my original installs were from disc, and the updates were done via both update methods. The clean script sometimes worked (I had to reinstall CS4 about 15 times over the course of its use on my couple machines), but occasionally that wouldn't get everything and I literally had to format my hard drive and start over from the OS on up. I've not encountered this issue with any CS5 installation or update (three different systems), but the other users posting about this issue are confirming the kind of problems that have haunted a number of users in the past: namely, upon update, the software returns to a sort of trial status and all MPEG features of the software are disable. A repair installation does not work; uninstallation and cleaning is (usually) the only remedy.


                    I think you're correct that Dan is experiencing several issues, but the fact that his AVCHD footage is now reported as "unsupported" and he has no AVCHD (and I'm guessing other MPEG variants) presets means that the "trial" bug has bitten again.


                    Hopefully others can chime in on how they originally installed and updated to pinpoint the issue; it certainly is a disheartening and time-consuming one.

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                      Andy T2 Adobe Employee

                      Hi Colin:


                      Thanks for the illuminating reply. We will continue to look into these installer issues. However, I would just point out that I think the primary problem Dan encountered resulted from the missing Premiere folder files. Does the "revert to trial" problem usually result in deleted files? That would seem to be an unusual outcome. But we'll see if we can get more clarity on this issue as we continue to investigate.


                      -- Andy

                      -- Premiere Pro Team

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                        Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        I let update do the upgrade for me and I am having no problems with my (new to me) Sony AVCHD files and presets.  I also have run our PPBM5 benchmark repeatedly and it does have H.264 AVCHD clips as part of the benchmark and 5.0.2 results are coming in some will be published tomorrow.  This release appreciably improves the H.264 BR encoding and the MPEG 2-DVD encoding times!

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                          Colin Brougham Level 6



                          Come to think of it, I do seem to remember that either certain files were unable to be upgraded (that is, replaced) or that certain files were completely missing. I should mention that I had encountered these issues on the Windows platform; I don't have Premiere on a Mac, so I can't speak to that, though I'm guessing the component file arrangement is quite a bit different. However, I'm quite sure that users of both platforms encountered this issue, and there have been numerous threads over the past year or more in which this issue was brought to the fore. I do know that on my primary editing workstation (now retired), I had to completely reinstall Premiere CS4 each time an update came down the pipe; it began with 4.1, and occured in 4.2 and 4.2.1 as well. Beyond that, it sporadically affected my field laptop.


                          My guess would be that, during the update, there is something that throws a wrench into the works and as files are being updated, some are deleted but not replaced by the newer versions. Premiere "kind of" works after the update (I usually got a cryptic error message, but it would say that Premiere installed successfully--obviously that was not the case), but it functions in sort of a trial state. Dynamic Link also seems to be broken, in this case.


                          As a matter of fact, I just tested Dynamic Link on my laptop (which has been acting a bit bizarre lately; as I mentioned earlier, at times I've opened projects and Premiere has reverted to trial, but a restart fixes it) and I received the following errors:








                          Looks like I might be up for a reinstall, myself! Anyway, I won't pollute this thread any more, as you might be able to help Dan more than I, but feel free to PM me with any questions you might have, and I'll do my best to provide you with some useful information.


                          Many thanks,



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                            dan3039 Level 1

                            I re-installed premiere and left it at the 5.0.1 version and it is playing back well, and accepting the avchd footage again.


                            I was however able to export (that's what I meant to say before instead of render) to h264 for youtube at 24fps and 720p, which seems to have yielded my first error free video file.  this could be the different format used, or the re-install of the program.  I'm on a very tight time constraint to get my current projects out, so i'll have to play around with the previous formats that created the jittered footage some other time.


                            Thank you all for your help, I'll let you know if I I still have problems once I finish this project.



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                              Andy T2 Adobe Employee

                              Hi Colin:


                              The AE crash you document here is a known issue with the suites on Windows only, and is not a bug within Premiere itself. It only occurs on the first attempt, under known certain circumstances. According to the reported testing, it will work on the next attempt. You might check the AE or CS support sites for more info on this.


                              I did also note the dialog that reads "Adobe Dynamic Link requires Adobe Production Premium" which may indicate an install issue, so your instinct to reinstall may be a correct one.


                              In addition, if you also have CS4 installed to a non-default location, there is another known issue with Dynamic Link failure. See the known issues list here for workaround details:




                              -- Andy

                              -- Premiere Pro Team

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                                SFL46 Level 3

                                I had this problem occur with the 5.0.1 upgrade and had to the uninstall registery clean, re-install.  This occured, I lost all the MPEG presets.  In addition, all of the HDV clips that I had captured all reported that video was unavailable, probably because of the missing CODECs.


                                I download the upgrade files manually so that I get to keep a copy as a hedge against a future re-install (I am not on HS broadband.).  There was confusion on the 5.0.2 upgrade page initially--it was subsequently corrected-- that listed the upgrade to the trial version on the page with a title ffor users with disks.  If you were mislead by that page, you may have downloaded the trial version and installed it over a licensed version and wiped out your MPEG support.  It almost bit me.