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    Adobe Reader 9.3.4 intermittently prints or prints blank pages


      We are encountering a problem with workstations in our environment where users can occasionally print PDF files successfully but often (more than 50% of the time) nothing prints or 10-20 blank pages print.  On the workstation, no error messages appear on screen at any time and no errors related to this issue appear in the Event Log.  In the System Tray, the print icon appears and disappears normally.  If I watch the print queue, the job passes and appears like it printed successfully and the queue clears.  We've also run into a few instances where only a half page prints or half of a page prints (when printing as image) but is shrunken and centered on page.


      The users have multiple configurations regarding printers.  All have at least one Xerox printer installed and various combinations or HP, Brother and Canon printers for use while off network.  The users experience this issue when printing from their workstations to any of these printers.  We have tried PS, PCL6 and Universal print drivers for each of the printer to no effect.  We have uninstalled Adobe Reader and reinstalled multiple times.  We tested using a base 9.0.0, 9.3.3 and after update to 9.3.4 and the same problem existed.  We did clear out the folders and any stray registry entries between uninstall/reinstall.  We also cleared off all print drivers and reinstalled only one driver just to test and still experienced the problem.


      We have tried the "print as image" suggestion and received the same results.  We've tried setting the printing preference (Print/Advanced) to Send For Each Page to no effect.  We've disabled all advanced features in the print drivers -- same issue.


      All of our workstations are on Windows XP SP3.  On the machines we're actively troubleshooting this problem on, we have confirmed Windows Updates have been applied through the August 2010 patches.  Our environment is fairly vanilla -- WinXP SP3, Office 2003, HP workstations.  Problem occurs when printing PDFs from email attachments, from web pages or when saved locally.  The problem also occurs on workstations at unrelated business units so it isn't a case where one batch of bad images/installs rolled out.  We use direct (IP) printing and not network print servers/queues.


      If anyone can provide any assistance, it would be greatly appreciated!!