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    5.0.2 Missing MPEG codecs?

    conleec Level 1

      Hello All,


      The Adobe Updater just automatically updated Premiere CS5 to 5.0.2 and now I don't have any of the MPEG based codecs in my sequence presets. No AVCHD, no XD cam, nothing. Anybody else seen this, and how do you suppose one goes about regaining access to these now-missing codecs? I'm currently unable to continue working on my AVCHD projects.



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          It looks like the old fashioned way:


          1. De-activate

          2. Un-install

          3. Run Clean Script CS5 (get the latest version from the website)

          4. Reboot

          5. Repeat 3 and 4 once or twice

          6. Install

          7. Activate

          8. Update

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            i also have this strange reaction to a bug fixer. It will not allow me to open my sequences either.

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              conleec Level 1

              I've been slammed using Avid today, but will try the uninstall/re-install procedure later. Any gotchas that I should be prepared for?


              Also, it seems this installer is problematic on several fronts. On my laptop it seems to have disabled my MPEG codecs, and on my tower it refuses to install at all. I assume the same procedure would be recommended for the tower as well?


              Why the updater issues?



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                Colin Brougham Level 6

                This "revert to trial" behavior has been present in every update installer since about 4.1.0, I believe. It was REALLY bad for awhile, got a little better, but seems like it might be on the rise again. In fact, my laptop install of 5.0.1 seems to do this at random! Really annoying...


                Anyway, remember to deactivate before uninstalling (though I think that's built into the uninstallation routine now), and run the CS5 Cleaner Tool relevant to your platform. This is pretty important; the CS5 Suite sends its tendrils pretty deep into your system, and the Cleaner Tool is the best weapon in that offensive. Do as Harm outlined above, and you should be in good shape.

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                  Rkenosha Level 1

                  Is the cleaner tool able to clean up former versions of such as CS4 without touching the CS5 installation.

                  Thanks Roman

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                    Colin Brougham Level 6

                    There is also a CS4 Clean Script, but I can't say for sure or guarantee that it won't affect your CS5 installation. I wouldn't count on the CS5 version leaving your CS5 install alone, though--that's what it's designed to remove, and there are no specific parameters to set in order to target a certain installation. You really only need to use the Cleaner Tool if you want to fix a broken installation; otherwise, just use the Remove Programs control panel item to remove CS4.

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                      conleec Level 1

                      Hello Harm,


                      I finally got my director out of the room and am now jumping over to try your solution. When you say "deactivate" does one need to suspend the activation, or deactivate permanently? I hate software licensing schemes, because of the uncertainty of it. I have to say I far prefer Avid's dongle, but even they are trying to move people to a software license. Grrrr.


                      Thanks in advance.



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                        Harm Millaard Level 7

                        De-activation is done to prevent using up your serial numbers. It is easy and you can activate later on without using up your serial numbers.


                        It is likely that a new version of Clean Script CS5 was posted yesterday.


                        @ Roman: Yes.

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                          Jim Bruno

                          howdy gentlemen,


                          my presets are gone too with update to 5.0.2. do you think there's any chance that adobe will issue a patch to update that resolves this without all of the uninstall/reinstall -- so, so confusing and painful...

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                            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            If this "revert to trial" problem hit everyone who updated, so Adobe could reproduce the problem and find a bug, there would be a patch


                            Since there appears to be a very low number of these problems, I will GUESS there will not be a patch

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                              nyumeddei Level 1

                              i reinstalled premiere and now, everything is working well. i did not even run the script. i emptied my preferences folder (on a mac).


                              So far, everything is working better. this looks like it might be a good update.

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                                rickg1949 Level 1

                                Makes me wonder if going through that routine might solve my missing HDV CODEC's in Bridge problem?  But with Master Suite, I'm looking at setting aside beaucoup hours to uninstall, clean, reboot, clean reboot, reinstall, reactivate.


                                Anyone have a gut feeling if that might help me rid my dependance on the 3rd party mpeg CODECS?



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                                  Jim Bruno Level 1

                                  for me and my mac setup, discovered that by removing cineform neoscene trial, i was able to reinstall and get the 5.0.2 update with all the codecs... but did alot of scrubbing and plugin uninstall trial and error to get there, too...

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                                    mintyh Level 1

                                    It may not have hit everyone, but count me in as someone who wasted many hours on the AIFF sync problem which Adobe Support refused to recognise as a bug (telling me it was my setup issue) and did not list in their "known issues" page, and who now finds that installing the update to fix it has made it impossible for me to open CS5 projects that I created before the CS5.02 patch.


                                    I'm sure I've dealt with worse software experiences, but I'm struggling to remember.


                                    Currently uninstalling and re-installing Premiere and hoping to hell manually applying the patch will make it work. I would not be pleased to have to spend the hours needed to uninstall, reinstall and update the entire Master suite.