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    Fireworks makes IE 7 / right-click issues

      I have CS3 on a Vista machine. If I have Fireworks open and use IE7, eventually the menus and my right click mouse function go crazy. I lose the menu bar of IE7, even though when I am able to right-click on the top of the browser a check mark indicates that the menu bar is active. I can only right-click on certain parts of applications. I can right-click on the top of IE7's menus, but not in the main content. I can right-click in Windows Mail, but I can no longer right-click on the folders in the left hand column (ie Delete Folder). But if I close Fireworks, things seem to return to normal.

      I uploaded a Fireworks patch along with all current CS3 updates yesterday from Adobe. Fireworks was taking 15-20 minutes to launch. Now it opens quickly, but this is a new issue.