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    Runtime Localization

      I am trying to follow the tutorial on adobe labs here::

      I want to try and use the mxmlc compiler to re-compile the FlightReservations2.properties files however i keep getting some strange messages like the following
      Loading configuration file c:\Program Files\ Flex Builder 2\ Flex SDK 2\frameworks\flex-config.xml

      Error : unable to open 'include-resource-bundles=FlightReservation2'
      I am running Flex 3 and i have added the moxie\bin directory to my project but it still doesnt work

      the code is exactly the same as in the downloaded file for the .bat

      @echo off

      mxmlc -locale=en_US -source-path=locale/en_US -allow-source-path-overlap=true include-resource-bundles=FlightReservation2 -output=Resources_en_US.swf
      mxmlc -locale=ja_JP -source-path=locale/{locale} -allow-source-path-overlap=true -include-resource-bundles FlightReservation2,SharedResources,collections,containers,controls,core,effects,formatter s,skins,styles -output=Resources_ja_JP.swf

      Any help would be much appreciated as i think that this feature could be very usefull for some of my application

      Thanks in advance
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          In your first mxmlc call, it seems there's a missing '-' for include-resource-bundles.
          mxmlc -locale=en_US -source-path=locale/en_US -allow-source-path-overlap=true -include-resource-bundles=FlightReservation2 -output=Resources_en_US.swf

          In the 2nd mxmlc call, there's a missing '=' for the include-resource-bundles argument.
          mxmlc -locale=ja_JP -source-path=locale/{locale} -allow-source-path-overlap=true -include-resource-bundles=FlightReservation2,SharedResources,collections,containers,contr ols,core,effects,formatters,skins,styles -output=Resources_ja_JP.swf

          hope this helps.
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            Photobox_Employee Level 1
            Hi Klouise80,
            Thanks for the reply but those arent the answer i removed the - from the first call as the compiler says that -include-resource-bundles isnt a valid argument unless i remove the preceeding -.
            Have you tried to compile these resource bundles before? if so did it work? I have had to resort to embedding the .properties files into the application and i would much rather do it at runtime if only i could compile some .swf files from the .properties files..
            Any help on this matter is much appreciated
            Thanks again