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    Does new Premiere Pro CS 5.0.2 update solve hangup when clicking in and out of Premiere Pro?

    eddiem100 Level 1

      I originally ran into the problem with Premiere Pro CS 5 (as part of the Production Premium CS 5 package) whereby on large projects, particularly with P2 media, Premiere Pro would hang up every time you clicked in and out of the application.  What I mean by this is when you click your desktop or explorer or some other application, outside of premiere pro,  and then you try to go back to premiere pro and click inside the application to get back to work, you get a blue wheel and it takes 10-30 seconds before premiere pro will re-engage and allow you to work.


      I have installed the new 5.0.2 update and tested it on my original problematic project, having set up a new media cache file.  The project prpro project file size is approx 30 mb and the reference media is approximately 300 GB on internal hard drive.  The full data on the original problem,specs and tests can be found on this form at



      Unfortunately, in my initial work and test with this as of today, this problem is not solved and the same hang up is occurring.  When testing I have all other applications turned off, no internet connection and no firewall/anti-virus programs running (system mechanic).


      I will be working extensively over the next few days with a new editing project and will reduce the project size and will report back if there are in fact any improvements or changes to this, but at this writing, this problem is not solved for me unfortunately.  Possibly for others there is an improvement.