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    How to check for data binding updates?


      Hi all,


      So I created a component in flex and added a setter and getter for a dataprovider,


      [Bindable] private var __dataProvider:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection();
      public function set dataProvider(value:ArrayCollection):void {
           if (value!=null)
           updateFunc(); // Process __dataProvider to display on the screen
      public function get dataProvider():ArrayCollection {
           return __dataProvider;


      So I add it to flex,


      <comp:MyComp id="myComp" dataProvider="{data}" />


      This works great when the app starts up but say I add something to the data ArrayCollection like this,




      My app can't seem to figure out that the __dataProvider has been updated via the dataBinding which I need to then call updateFunc() to update the display . I tried using an eventListener but the only one available for ArrayCollection is CollectionEvent.COLLECTION_CHANGE which was not getting triggered.


      Thanks for any help you can provide.