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    PPro Dynamic Link To Encore (File Allocation)

    Pyramid Pyro Level 1

      Hello all,


      First, I've just started using PPro CS5 and what a treat it's been.  Thanks to the Adobe team and to the regulars in the Hardware Forum for all the help.


      If my work flow is:  Assets > Edit In PPro > Dynamic Link to Encore > build IMG... then what would be the best way to spread the files across a 4-drive system?



      -  W7-64 bit, Prod Prem with PPro 5.0.1 (and now 5.0.2 as of last night)

      -  i7930 OC 3.4GHz (water cooled)

      -  Asus P6T SE

      -  12GB RAM

      -  GTX470 (with hack, but no longer needed after last night )

      -  Coolermaster Haf X

      -  Antec 1000W power

      -  C:  OS and programs (150 GB Velociraptor)

      -  F:  PPro project and source files (captured videos and music) (F3)

      -  G:  PPro media cache, preview files (F3)

      -  H:  "masters", page file (18 GB) (F3)

      -  no option to Raid (will most likely happen in the distant future)

      -  DVD-R, BD-R

      -  so far this system is "fast" and stable for me.  Loving it!



      -  DV > DVD (basic editing with no files or apps applying out-of-the-ordinary tasks)

      -  Future Use:  HDV > BDR (basic editing with no files or apps applying out-of-the-ordinary tasks)



      -  I'm fairly confident in my PPro allocations after reading Generic Guidline For Disk Setup (http://forums.adobe.com/thread/662972) but always looking to tweak and improve.  This is more with the addition of Encore to the mix.


      -  I'm thinking the Encore files would go on G and the IMG file would be kicked out to H.  But if Encore makes heavy use of the media cache and previews on G, then maybe the Encore files and IMG should go on H.  Opinions?


      -  Any better way to allocate the files?


      -  Any suggestions on my page file size/location?


      These initial projects are also my way of fine-tuning my new work flow, computer configurations/settings,




      Erik (Pyramid Pyro)