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    Twisty Ribbons


      Twity Ribbons is a name of an AE preset for text. I am trying to do the EXACT same effect with a layer. i,.e, I want to twist it and swirl it to make a convincing ribbon. It has been a couple of days now and I cannot find a "how to" anywhere. can anyone help?


      Thanks for your help.



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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Text animations are (essentially) animating a bunch of different little layers to get their effects. You can't twist and bend one layer to do the same thing as a bunch of litlte layers.

          If you have AE version 10 (also known as AE CS5), it comes with FreeForm which does allow you to achieve certain warps in 3d, but I don't know about creating a ribbon. (I don't have CS5 yet.)

          Zaxwerks 3d Serpentine may be what you're looking for. (Or possibly their 3d Flag plugin)


          What you're looking for is a bit more suited to an actual 3d application.

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            Miguel_R Level 1

            Hi Szalam


            Thanks for you answer. Yes, I am a 3d person and was trying to avoid doing it in 3ds max to keep it simple . I am also trying to avoid to spend a ton of money on some funky plug-in (that I am sure will be of very good use).

            I found a way of doing it beautifully with Echo time (I saw it on a tutorial on creative cow). The problem is that I am doing a little test and it is taking FOREVER to render a 4 sec clip, I mean, it looks like that it might take over an hour. In my final composition I intend to use a dozen ribbons!!



            I will have a look at the freeform thing I have CS5) :-)


            Thanks for answering!



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              TimeRemapper Level 4

              Perhpas you can use the text animator as a track matte for the layer you want to act as a ribbon? If not, a twist deformer in Max should be fairly easy to engineer. Probably a lot more convincing too...