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    Browse Sequences do and do NOT appear on two more or less identically equipped systems

    Lew at Chyron Level 1

      I have been editing & updating a RoboHelp for HTML project that was begun in RH5, maintained for several years in RH7, and recently switched to editing and maintaining in RH8.


      We have always included a few Browse Sequences for some of our product's most thrilling, captivating features.


      I build the .CHM file on the very new installation of RH8 on my conventional Core 2 Duo machine. It's lovely, and the Browse Sequences appear, and work.


      I copy the .CHM file to the specialized product my company makes, running WIndows XP, and everything but the Browse Sequences appears. Everything else in the .CHM works perfectly.


      For what it's worth, my test unit of our product is a "Chyron HyperX", which is equipped with PCI cards that produce broadcast quality video. They're just cards, and the machine is still very much a Windows PC at heart.


      BOTH machines have:


      XP Pro Version 2002, Service Pack 3




      both have identical versions of Explorer 8, which is to say 8.0.6001.18702.


      I have "lost" Browse Sequences before, in the middle of my RH7 period, they simply were not appearing on the output .CHM, period.


      One of you kind folks pointed out a setting that had gotten changed. Voila; they came back. Obviously, the setting in my RH8 editing and compilation setup is still right, or I wouldn't still be producing Browse Sequences at all....right? Again, they are showing up on the machine on which they were produced.


      In the end, the end-users viewing my .CHM file on the machines they're using in the middle of a TV production arent' getting the value of my wonderfully thoughtful Browse Sequences.


      Any ideas?