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    Fade a clip in and out with one click?



                I see where I can right click, select 'fade in' then have to right click again and select 'fade out'. Is there a way to fade a clip in AND out with one click? If there isn't, maybe it can be added to future editions? Seems like a no brainer. Thanks!



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          nealeh Level 5

          No-one from Adobe will read your messsage. This is a user to user forum. You can flag a feature request to Adobe at Adobe - Feature Request/Bug Report Form


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            cptnstlite Level 1

            It doesn't have to be answered by Adobe. Anybody that knows can reply.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              There is no way to do this with a single click in any editing program I'm aware of.


              You can create a custom preset effect that will fade in and then fade out -- but even then you can't set it up so that it will attach to the beginning and end of any length clip.

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                cptnstlite Level 1

                Thanks, Steve. I find it odd that it is not

                available. Am I the only one that fades a clip in and out?

                Thanks just the same...



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  I normally use the Dip-to-Black between a majority of Clips. All Timeline start from Black Video, and end with Black Video.


                  As Dip-to-Black is set to my default Transition, it's pretty easy for me. When I have all of the Clips Trimmed as I wish, I just hit Home (to get to 00;00;00;00) and then use the PageUp to step Clip by Clip, hitting Ctrl+D (to place the default Transition - in PrPro) on each Clip junction. I cannot recall if the Ctrl+D shortcut has been added to PrE, or not. To me, if it's not there, that would be what I would file a Feature Request for.


                  Normally, and unless I have a very compelling reason to do otherwise, my Transitions are: Dip-to-Black, Cross-Dissolve and Butt Cut (a transition, but not a Transition). Depending on my Project, I might swap Cross-Dissolve with Dip-to-Black, and still use Ctrl+D.


                  From Adobe's standpoint, it should be pretty easy to code in a keystroke combo to add a Dip-to-Black, or a Cross-Dissolve to both the Head and Tail of a Clip. One consideration is that there is a little warning dialog screen that pops up, when one does not have enough Handles on a Clip to allow for a Transition of the set Duration. Basically, it tells the user of the lack of Handles, and informs that Frames will be repeated. That would have to be retained, or users will definitely be surprised, when a Transition appears to freeze, or stutter.


                  With my workflow, I have never found a need for having Transitions applied to both the Head & Tail, but perhaps I have not thought about it enough.


                  Good luck, and Neale's link will get the Feature Request filed. Adobe takes those seriously, though many never do make it into a new version. I've been asking for Track Locking, the Desktop Preset and more Export/Share options, like FLV w/ Transparency, since version 4. So far - no go. We'll see if PrE 9 includes some of those. Still, I do have those controls and features in PrPro, so all is not lost.