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    HELP! Got error #1152 and don't understand why!

      Hello there,

      I have a AS3 project going on in wich I have a button that should toggle a sound (on/off). So I have a movieclip in my library (the button) that contains some animated movieclips with instance name in order to reach them within the code. The button is linked to a class that controls the whole process of the toggle (load sound, play, stop) AND has a base class "Button" that manage button events such as rollover, out, release, etc. The Button class extends MovieClip and the Sound class extends the Button one.

      Actually, everything works fine when there's no named instances on the button timeline but when I name an instance, the compiler gives me error #1152: A conflict exists with inherited definition com.ok.lib.ui:Button.strike_mc in namespace public.

      This is not the first time I come up with this situation. Can somebody tells me what's wrong?

      Thanks in advance!