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    All Four Popup Menus are the Same....

      When I change the text on one Popup menu, all 4 change.
      There are 2 buttons on main page, and 2 buttons on second page.
      They should all link to their own popup, but they all link to the same one.
      So, my buttons obviously all link to the same popup. Now, here is the action script for what is supposed to be the first popup....

      on (rollOver) {
      on (rollOut) {
      _root. pop1.gotoAndStop(2);}

      Notice the pop1 in this script. The other button actions are using the next pop number respectively in the order chosen.
      i.e. pop2, pop3, pop4

      But still when clicking each button from their perspective location on the site, they still all link to the same popup, pop1.

      Thanks, hope someone can help me of my frustration,

      Brock Kane