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    Flex 4 and SQLite Problems


      Hi My name is Robert and I am new to using Flex as a programming language I am trying to create a script that logs the user into an Adobe Air Application  here is my layout mxsml <script src='http://pastie.org/1135299.js'></script> I want the user to type in his or her Username and password and then if it matches an entry in the sqllite db then it will continue into the application if it is wrong there will be an error message"Username and Password entered incorrectly" What I would like to ask of the community here is to explain to me how to use sqllite and flex together to help me create a script that 1. Opens the Database 2. Opens the Table and checks the Text entered into the Username and password form against the Table 3. Either redirects the user to the new screen or Leaves an error message in its place. Please Help me thank you Robert