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    Houston...we may have solved the problem... Dont Panic!

    shooternz Level 6

      I wanted to post (and bump) this as  a new thread in case  my previous thread was creating any panic and resistance to updating PPRO CS5 to .02





      By whatever coincidence one can imagine...it appears that my issue maybe  related to a disk drive failure.


      In fact the Drive dedicated to "My Projects"


      Cant be anything but Coincidence that the drive failed sometime during the update /install.  (BTW - this 1TB disk is new and would have far ess than 2 GBs on it.)


      In my attempts to get PPRO tested and  to open existing projects... the entire system went down and was unable to be booted up.


      I guess that PPRO was looking for the Recent Projects and getting all crossed up.  Certainly explains why it was getting sideways with Explorer.


      Now I am hoping that the auto saves were not on the same drive.  I cant check til I get the box back from the shop.