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    Combobox Heelp


      Hi Everyone,


      I'm trying to copy this example : http://insideria.com/2009/10/flash-catalyst-beta-2-combobox.html

      to make a combobox in catalyst, however in this example child interactions changes parent states.

      I've tryed a lot but up to now I'm not getting to do it...... and to make a complete combobox I need to access parent states from its children.





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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          That is one limitation of Flash Catalyst, the ability for a component to address it parent. Without looking at the entire structure of the project, there is not a lot of solutions I can offer. It might be easiest to look at adding that functionality in the project if you are comfortable with ActionScript. I have run into this limitation as well. Maybe not turning the combobox into a component and keeping it a first level component might be solution.


          Good luck,