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    looping a piece of code to generate PDFs

    whitestar7 Level 1

      Hi Guys me again,


      I need some help with a project I am working on, I will do my best to explain it so that it makes sense.


      Key features of project:

      • A presentation tool to display upto 90 products for access by a sales team

      • Each product page will contain dynamically loaded JPEGS, and text elements loaded from RTF files

      • The sales team will be able to select which products they want to display from a list which is generated from a text file

      • They will have the ability to save the list of products they want to present, which can then be loaded up before they go on the road to present the products  (the saved list is saved as a text file which is then loaded back in using lingo)

      • The user can generate PDFs (using INM Impresarrio Xtra) and then choose where to save the PDF (using Buddy API Xtra)


      What I need help with now:

      I need to create a 'save all as PDF' button. I have broken it down into steps, and the step I need help with is how to loop the code which dynamically loads the assets into the template PDF, saves it to a local folder and then goes to the next product in the saved list and creates a PDF of that one and saves it too, so eventually you have a folder with PDFs of all the selceted titles, which I will then merge into one PDF and send it to print,


      I am ok with the merging part and printing part, need help with how to loop the code which generates the PDF


      Thanks again.