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    Table Formatting Issue

      When I view the tables I have created through WYSIWYG they appear to have their text aligned and the cell boarder sizes are consistent. After I generate the primary layout the text does not line up and some cell boarders are thicker than others. When I try to fix cells that are inconsistent often the incorrect formatting is transferred to a cell that was previously formatted correctly.

      I have employed several tactics to fix these issues...
      -I have tried fixing the formatting for each cell individually
      -I have removed all table formatting, saved and then reset the table properties
      -I have copied the formatting code from cells that have the correct formatting and pasted it for each cell that does not have correct formatting

      None of my efforts has enabled me to resolve the issue. I am open for suggestions.
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          I was having similar problems. I created a table and tweaked it until I knew it was working, then copied the code out of the TrueCode pane and into a text file. Now every time I put a table in my help, I use the same table template (it helps that I have a standard look-and-feel for tables I have to use).

          The only way I have found to reliably fix tables once they're broken is to delete them completely and replace them with working table code.
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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
            RH has some built in tables and how to add to those is described on my site. However they don't hold formatting information or any standard text. Stewart's method is one way. Another is to have a topic with a tag called Hidden and exclude it from all builds. Otherwise use something like Macro Express or BKReplaceEm to write the code for you in a similar way to Word's autotext.

            UPDATE. The hidden topic of course holds examples of the tables you want.

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              lmarden Level 2
              I have a hidden topic called Snippets - hidden by a build tag excluded from the output. Snippets contains blank table formats I use - there are a couple different table setups in my Help doc. The tables are configured with the correct borders, text styles, padding, indent, column header style - I just copy and paste to a new topic and fill in the cells.

              My snippets topic also contains commonly used instruction and other content that I use again and again. Even button images that I have added alt text to - I copy and paste from this Snippets topic so that I don't have to type the alt text each time.

              Not only does this save time, but all these snippets are there in the eventuality that someone else takes over this task at my company. If you store content externally you can't be sure it will move on to others who may need it.