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    Slideshow with auto import photos ?


      Forgive me if this has been asked and answered already, I am new here and a search did not turn up anything that answered my question.


      I am just trying out the Lightroom Trial, and am currently trying to set up a Live Slideshow.


      I have an Eye-Fi card which is dropping my photos inside a folder, this folder is watched by Lightroom, and Lightroom successfully recognizes new photos and imports them fine.


      In the Slideshow module, I have it set to use all filmstrip photos, and I can play the slideshow.



      However, if I take a new picture, I see it getting imported and appear in my filmstrip, however the currently running slideshow does not pick up this new image, and also just above the filmstrip is a textmessage that sais 'Slide 3 of 5'.

      If I take a new picture and there are 6 images in my filmstrip, the label still sais 'Slide x of 5' and does not seem to update with the new image.


      Strangly though, sometimes when I click somewhere in the Lightroom interface, this number does get updated while the slideshow is running.


      Is there something I am doing wrong, or is what I am trying to do simply not possible ?



      BTW : there is a youtube movie from Eye-Fi which show the process working perfectly with Lightroom 2 and a 3rd party plugin, which I cannot test.


      Any help would be appreciated.


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          wtchkrft Level 1

          As a followup to my own question, I have just downloaded and installed the previous version trial (version 2.7) and tried the exact same workflow, and this version behaves as expected.

          Slides are being updated as they are imported, and the slideshow picks up the newly imported slides.


          Why would this functionallity have been removed in the latest version ? Or am I still doing something wrong ?



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            99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Hi Peter


            Make sure you have the drop down menu on the Slideshow toolbar set to “All Filmstrip Photos” and not “Selected photos”

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              wtchkrft Level 1

              Thanks for your reply.


              I just verified this, and it is set to "All filmstrip photos" (this is the dropdown where you can also select flagged or selected photos I presume ?).


              I have also double checked, all my settings seem identical between version 2.7 and 3.2, but 3.2 simply will not update it's number of slides.

              Odd. Maybe this is a preference setting ?




              One minor difference that I can clearly see is that in the older version 2.7 the slideshow stutters a little when repeating it's loop, and it also briefly displays "repeat" on screen. It looks like it is briefly refreshing the slideshow and restarting, where as version 3.2 loops continously in one smooth loop. It does not pause briefly anywhere.


              I don't think this is the cause of the problem though, as 2.7 instantly tells me the right amount of "Slide x of x" in it's toolbar, where as version 3.2 sticks with the number of slides that it had when starting the slideshow, even though the filmstrip is filling with pictures.



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                99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                The only other difference I can think of is that LR3 prepares previews in advance where selected in the playback panel.


                If you are running a user template it might be worth clicking on a light room template in the left hand Template Browser. Then click back on your chosen template to see if it refreshes.

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                  wtchkrft Level 1

                  Many thanks for the replies, I really appreciate it.


                  I have checked and unchecked the "Prepare Previews in Advance" checkbox, but Ligthroom 3.2 still behaves the same, it will not update it's number of slides count with what is inside the filmstrip.


                  I also tried to go between presets, but still no luck.


                  Since I am trying the exact same scenario in 2.7 where all this works perfectly, could this be a bug in version 3.2 ?

                  Ifso, what would be the official channel to relay this information to Adobe ?

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                    I just wanted to say that I just tried the exact same thing, and ran into the same problem. Luckily I still have Lightroom version 2 on my machine, and when I switched back over, the slideshow will automatically update with new photos, as they're added with the auto import feature.

                    Now come Adobe, there must be a reason why this is not working in Version 3, and you should fix it! This is a really important feature if you're an event photographer, doing live slide shows.

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                      Alan_Garrett Level 2



                      You can report bugs in LR to Adobe at the link below;