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    Red-5 play/pause issue


      Hi All,



      I am facing an issue with Red-5. I am new to Flex. The problem is:


      1. Play stream from red-5 then pause it using netstream.pause() or togglePause()

      2. Now play again but it does not starts from the same key-frame. Say I paused the video at 18 sec then it will start from 16.2 or 17 means not from 18 sec.


      Any idea why is this happening? I had searched about it most of the views were saying that it is due to Red-5. But I need to fix it in the Flex if the video starts playing from one keyframe less then the paused one then the progressbar/seekbar showes a jerk due to the new stream time is less then the paused stream time.



      Any solution?



      Thanks in advance.