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    focus navigation with enter key between controls




      i've an app and i wanna change control focuses one to other one with pressing enter key..i think keyFocusChange property solve my prob but i couldnt fix it..

      text input




      helppp pls.


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          krafttimd Level 2

          If the objects that do the navigation have a keyDown event you could listen for that event and switch the focus using the FocusManager. However, once an item has focus pressing the Tab key or Shift + Tab automatically seems to work fine for shifting focus within forms, ButtonBars, TabNavigators etc...


          If you need to do the navigation on pressing the enter button, the keyboardEvent raised by a keyDown event in on a flash.display.InteractivObject has a keyCode which you can inspect to determine if the enter key was pressed.



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            twessss Level 1

            thnx krafttimd for help..


            i solved it with an easily way..i used textInput s enter event and generate a handler.


            <s:TextInput id="kod" enter="kod_enterHandler(event)" />


            <s:TextInput id="sifre" enter="sifre_enterHandler(event)" />


            <mx:Button id="giris"  keyDown="giris_keyDownHandler(event)" click="checkLogin()"/>



            protected function kod_enterHandler(event:FlexEvent):void






            protected function sifre_enterHandler(event:FlexEvent):void







            protected function giris_keyDownHandler(event:KeyboardEvent):void


            if(event.keyCode == Keyboard.ENTER) checkLogin();