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    Progress Slider Bar for Windows Media (wmv) videos?

    gallion311 Level 1

      Hey whats up guys, I'm trying to create a progress slider bar for my Windows Media (wmv) videos.


      The feature I'm really after is the ability to jump ahead in the video by dragging/clicking the slider button ahead.


      I know there's a precanned behavior for this type of feature, but it's only for use with RealMedia videos. I've seen a post in another forum where someone mentioned that you can hand edit that behavior to get it to work with Windows Media files but that solution has since been deleted.


      I also have to imagine this has come up before and that there may be a solution floating around somewhere, but a good bit of Google searching hasn;t yeilded any results.


      Anyone have any solutions, links, or possible tips to get me started here?


      Thanks guys,