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    Camera in Flex 4

    IlyaG Level 1


      It looks like there is no attach camera or attach stream at the new video classes of flex 4.


      I started to use flash.media.Video but there is some bug with it, I am attaching my cam to it, and it works fine, but when I am trying to open another browser window it doesn't show me the cam, just asking if I allow to use it.


      I also try the mx videoDisplay class, but it's not working as well. Any ideas about how I can make it to work?

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          IlyaG Level 1

          Now it is very strange I tested it on the most simple app, that I saw on the net where they used the videoDisplay class and it seems to work there but it's not working for me.


          Now I just fully reinstall my flash, I got win 7 64 bit, and I think it's a problem with flash builder, the only question is how the others made it work?

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            rfrishbe Level 3

            Regarding attachCamera() in the Spark video classes: that is something on our radar to address in a future version of OSMF (which would be pushed in to the Spark video classes).  The nice thing is that it isn't too difficult to create a simple camera app yourself and to use that in Flex.  Take a look at: http://forums.adobe.com/message/2783719


            If you're not seeing your camera show up on your screen, that sounds like it's a problem with Flash Player on your computer.  It sounds like other websites that access the camera seem to work, so perhaps it's got something to do with permissions when running locally?



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