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    Control Shockwave

    Doug_Collins Level 1
      I'm trying to control a .swf file with a Dreamweaver Behavior but I can't seem to get it to do anything. Is this just another thing that I really just shouldn't be attempting, or can it be done with any level of success?

      I've given the .swf a name in its properties panel.
      I clicked on the button I want to control the .swf with and then added a Behavior > Control Shockwave of Flash.
      I selected the movie name from the dropdown menu and chose my Action > Play.
      I've then select onFocus, onClick, onMouseDown... none of them work.

      Where have I gone wrong? (Besides career choice?)


      Doug Collins
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          Doug_Collins Level 1
          I think I got my answer from the dictionary. Control Shockwave is located in ~deprecated, the sub menu. I originally misread that as "depreciated" and was puzzled by that term. I had never heard the word "deprecated" before, which means, "expressing strong disapproval".

          So, I must assume this action goes into a growing list of things that Dreamweaver can do, but really shouldn't.

          Doug Collins