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    ToggleButtonBar - Bindable maxHorizontalScrollPosition

    Arun Ganesh Level 3

      Hi Everyone,


           Greetings. I had face some problem while using ToggleButtonBar. I am using ToggleButtonBar  for display some contents(item 1, item 2,....item n), which are dynamically added, edited and updated. I need to show left, right navigation button to navigate left to right and vice versa.


            I am using ToggleButtonBar's horizontalPosition and maxHorizontalPosition properties for show/hide the navigation buttons. My problem is I can't get maxHorizontalScrollPositon suddenly after any operation made in ToggleButtonBar (Add, Delete or Edit) and also I want to know that ToggleButtonBar's maxHorizontalScrollPosition property is bindable or not.


      Any Help much appreciated.


      Thanks in Advance,


      Arun P. Ganesh.