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    Flash Builder load fail

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      Edit:  Sorry, I realised this should be in the Flash Builder forum......


      Flash Builder

      Windows 7 Home Premium


      I have a rather large project underway and I am using lots of swc components, exported from Flash CS5.  I do this by converting my Flash library symbols to Flex Components (via the command menu) and then exporting them into my flex project libs folder as individual swc files.


      Over time, I have noticed that flex is getting slower and slower to load - seemingly taking an age to load the workbench.  The length of the load appears to be linked to the swc items in my lib folder.  Whenever I add swc files to my lib, Flex freezes while it is "refreshing workspace" for a LONG time.  It got to the point where I was closing Flash Builder, creating the swc files and then restarting it to carry on working.


      I have just created another four swc files and now I can't get Flash Builder to load.  Flex appears to open and then freezes with a wait cursor (rotating ring thing)


      So... my main question is... am I not supposed to be creating my visual elements this way and therefore am I killing Flash Builder?  Is there a better way to use my flash symbols?  Or is there something wrong with my Flex installation?  Really - I am up against the clock and stuff like this is a workflow killer... it's been getting on my nerves how slow Flex is loading but it's got to a point where it's interfering with my work... erm... actually I am now not working. 


      Any info would be very gratefully received.





      EDIT 2:  Update... Flash Builder finished refreshing the workspace after 20 minutes.  How come it takes so long to refresh when adding just four small items to the libs folder?  And the question still stands... I'm aware that I might be doing something that isn't best practice... is that so?


      Back to work.... and thanks in advance.