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    Fireworks CS3 and Win 7


      I just upgraded to Win7 and everything in Fireworks CS3 seems to be working except the brush tool. When trying to paint the cursor is irratic, moves slowing across the picture and I can't control the speed of the brush tool. Is anybody else having this problem and if so do you have a work around?

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          pixlor Level 4

          This was a problem in Vista and the workaround there is to turn off the Aero theme for Fireworks. (CS3 Bitmap tools and Aero are not happy together.)


          Not sure if Win7 has the same settings, but it should. Try this: go to the Fireworks folder, right-click on Fireworks.exe, and select Properties. If there's a Compatibility tab, first try setting it to "Disable desktop composition." (Mine's also set to run in XP compatibility mode, but maybe I did that first, it wasn't the ticket, and I added the "Disable desktop composition" checkbox.)


          When you start or close Fireworks, your screen might flicker to black as Aero is turned off and on, but otherwise, everything should work okay.

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            That did it! Thanks for the help I really appreciate it.

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              pixlor Level 4

              I'm glad to hear the same workaround helped you!

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