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    "loading workbench" and "refreshing workspace" takes a long time


      Flash Builder

      Windows 7 Home Premium


      I have a rather large project underway and I am using lots of swc components, exported from Flash CS5.  I do this by converting my Flash library symbols to Flex Components (via the command menu) and then exporting them into my flex project libs folder as individual swc files.


      Over time, I have noticed that flex is getting slower and slower to load - seemingly taking an age to load the workbench.  Is the length of the load linked to the swc items in my lib folder?  Whenever I add swc files to my lib, Flex freezes while it is "refreshing workspace" for a LONG time.  It got to the point where I was closing Flash Builder, creating the swc files and then restarting flash builder to carry on working.


      The last time I added a set of four new swc files to my libs folder, it took 20 minutes to get FB back up and going again.  Other times I give up and have to remove the new swc files so I can get on with working as I'm often under time pressure.


      So... my main questions are...


      Am I not supposed to be creating my visual elements this way and therefore am I killing the Flash Builder sessions?


      Is there a better way to get my flash symbols into flex?


      Or is there something wrong with my Flex installation?




      Any info would be very gratefully received.