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    Using WinCVS for project version control and development to pull into app

      I am using RoboHelp 6. WinCVS has just been installed on my system to give me a version/source control and to allow our developers (who are in another country) to pull the WebHelp files directly from CVS into an application. Prior to getting CVS I have had to zip up my WebHelp and email it to the developers for inclusion in an application.

      My current big project is still in draft form, but the latest draft version(s) is to be included in the latest test builds prior to launch for QA testing. In this project I have multiple conditional build tags and 5 SSLs. My other complete projects do not contain build tags and have just one SSL. These projects also need to be stored in CVS and will need to be pulled into an application when revisions to Help are required because of revisions to a corresponding application.

      What is strategy is the best for me to store these projects in CVS?

      --Do I create a repository for just my projects? If so, can development access them from my repository?
      --Do I put my projects into the application files that the developers use?
      --Do I create a repository for my projects and put only the SSL/WebHelp files into the application files the developers use?
      --Do I do something else?