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    air app pointing to wrong folder (how can I change it?)

    Deh Bontempos



      I couldnt find a proper answer in all internet, but it should be something easy.

      Everything works fine with php connections in my mac.


      However when I compile the release version, and install on my windows, I get this error:

      Send failed
      Channel.Connect.Failed error NetConnection.Call.Failed: HTTP: Status 404: url: 'http://localhost/client_folder/app_name-debug/gateway.php'


      I have already configured the services-config.xml to point to my gateway.php and the amf_config.ini to point to my framework.

      (I hope end users won't have to set it manually)


      Still, I'm getting this error pointing to an absolute path to reach the gateway.php


      Is it something I should declare in action script to make it a relative path? I have checked the $variables to replace in the Server Output Folder path, but maybe this is not related to my issue.



      Thanks in advance,