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    RoboHelp 7 Context-Sensitive issues with various browsers


      I am developer working on setting up context-sensitive help for our web application.  We are using RoboHelp 7.  I have created a map file which has been imported into RoboHelp by one of our doc writers.  All (or nearly all) topics were mapped and the help was recompiled and sent back to me.  I have made (what I believe are) all necessary changes to our web application to properly access online help, but the behavior I am seeing is not quite right.


      Here is the behavior I ma seeing:


      When I launch Online Help In Firefox 3.6...

      ...a new tab opens and I notice that the correct topic briefly appears in the tab's content frame.  However, it immediately switches back to the main chapter topic.  In the TOC frame the chapter is not expanded.  I do notice that I can click on the browser's Back button, which expands the TOC topic I am on one level at a time until it finally reaches the original topic that briefly displayed.  It appears that some piece of help code is telling the browser to switch from the original help topic to the main chapter and contract the TOC as soon as it is loaded.


      When I launch Online Help in Internet Explorer (6 or 7)...

      ...I observe the same bevahior as described above for Firefox 3.6, EXCEPT 1) a new window opens instead of a new tab (in IE6 there were no tabs), and 2) I CANNOT click on the browser's Back button to go to the desired sub-topic.  The page just sits at the chapter's main help topic and the TOC is not expanded.


      When I launch Online Help in Google Chrome 5.0

      ...a little pop-up window pops up and its contents are completely blank.  I suspect that this is a result of the RoboHelp_CSH.js file not recognizing the Google Chrome browser and thus doing nothing.  I am less concerned with Google Chrome than the other browsers.



      To utilize RoboHelp's online help, I have downloaded the RoboHelp_CSH.js javascript file and have included it with our web application.  I have, during my troubleshooting, also updated it per this form topic: http://forums.adobe.com/message/2334770.  This version of the RoboHelp_CSH file still not did resolve my issue.


      Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!


      Thanks in advance,