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    Unable to extract MPEG2 closed caption. Needed for streamed flash videos.

    rc cruse



      We have many MPEG2 video files that were originally made from video tapes that contained closed captions. When the MPEG2 video files were created from the original tapes, they contained closed captions also, and are currently being broadcast over a cable channel that shows course videos for distance learning students. We are now interested in converting these MPEG2 files into flash video files in order to stream them via the web. But since the captions won’t survive the encoding process, we need to grab the captions that are embedded in the MPEG2 video files in order to add them to the flash videos we’ll create. So we’ve tried numerous free and demo software solutions. And so far no program (I’ve tried 12 so far), whether it’s a player that’s supposed to be able to display closed captioned video, or a piece of software specifically designed to extract captions (like CCExtractor), can even see the captions to display them while viewing, no less extract anything. No errors during the attempts, but among the many programs I’ve tried, either I get no response, or I just get extracted caption files (subrip, text, etc.) that are completely empty.


      I’ve also tried some commercial tools. I downloaded a demo copy of PixelTool’s MPEGRepairHD, which is supposed to extract captions also, and I followed the instructions, and it doesn’t see any captions. I know they are there though, because these MPEG2 files are showing captions when they are broadcast and shown on a television.


      Can any other software help me? Is there something else you can suggest for me to try?



      Robert Cruse

      Austin Community College