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    Creative Suite Integration

    mhmoretti Level 1
      I submitted this as a feature request for Robohelp 7, but would also like to discuss this here.

      Will RoboHelp ever see some true integration with some of the Creative Suite products? I personally prefer coding within Dreamweaver for its greater funcionality and flexibility, and would love to see RoboHelp have a tighter relationship with the other Adobe Products, most specifically Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Photoshop.

      I like the direction Adobe took with CS3 in regards to bringing the Macromedia Studio products into the Creative Suite family by adding some great features that allows for sharing assets directly within applications and giving them the ability to view and change assets without altering its native format.

      I would love to see Robohelp handle HTML created within Dreamweaver without changing the format or give us the option to bring images back and forth between Fireworks/Photoshop.

      Is this a pipe dream or something actually being tossed around in the water cooler conversations at Adobe?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Obviously only Adobe could comment and in line with their normal policies, they will not formally confirm things.

          However, they have made various statements which make it obvious that is their long term goal.

          I too love Dreamweaver but Adobe pointed out to me that the source for help outputs has to contain code not in the end result, conditional tags for example. That applies to other HATs as well. Of course that is foreign to Dreamweaver.

          I think we will see it but maybe not for a while.

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            mhmoretti Level 1
            Thanks for the reply Peter. RH7 has made some great strides, and to me is a really big step in the right direction. I am looking forward to seeing how much more they have planned.
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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi mhmoretti

              I know you specifically mentioned RoboHelp not munging code from Dreamweaver, but surely you are aware that one does currently have the ability to configure any editor they like within RoboHelp HTML. Naturally, you lose any "RoboHelp specific" features. Perhaps this is what you mean.

              Additionally, you may also configure Fireworks or Photoshop as the image editor f you like. Again, maybe this isn't the "integration level" you are seeking, but it does exist.

              Cheers... Rick