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    Need Help - Inserting articulate engage swf in a published Presenter presentaiton.

    MojoRH Level 1

      Hello.  I am having tremendous difficulty publishing articulate engage swf's in my adobe presenter presentation.  I have done this before but for some reason i am having trouble now.  When i publish my presentation locally, the output from presenter changes the name of my swf files to embedded_flash_... with a number at the end.  My question is how can i tell what presenter has renamed the indidual swf files. I have to change the name of the content folder from engage to match so i need to know which slide has which swf.  I have several swf files in the presentation and keeping track of them is quite difficult.


      Is there a way to click on slide with a swf on it to determine what presenter has renamed it? Swf  Properties or View shockwave object or something else?????


      Thanks Mike