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    Can a one pixel wide divider be made usable?


      I have an HDividedBox that has just been converted from a static layout. The designer wants the UI to look exactly as it did, and to let those pesky power users discover the resizability on their own. Which means that the divider is a single gray pixel line. Looks and works great, if you can manage to grab that one pixel, which is pretty iffy.


      I see two potential solutions:


      One is to train the container on one side of the divider to present the divider resize cursor, and then force the divider to respect it on mouse down/drag.


      The other is to add a gravity effect to pull the cursor to that one pixel if it hovers nearby for an appropriate amount of time. That seems a lot simpler but I haven't been able to ascertain if this is possible with AIR or not. I know it's not possible with Flex due to security protocols. If it is possible to set the mouse position in AIR, can you tell me how?!


      Any other ideas/suggestions short of telling the UI designer to live with a visually wider divider stroke?