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    AS3 + ANTLR

    andres lozada

      Hi people, how are we? This is my first message on the forum. I hope that I don't doing any mistake.


      I tried to use the ANTLR library for AS3 but I had some problems. Maybe someone can help me.


      My goal is  to do a MDX validator, an UI component where the user can write a MDX query and then, the component evaluates the string and shows errors, if it had,  or sends the query to the service.


      Problems that I had:

      First problem: When I try to generate a AS3 classes from ANT/ANTLR, this classes are not complete or has some errors...I coud fix this problem (I hope).

      Second problem: I don't know how can I use this classes... how can I evaluate an expresion and how can I get errors.


      If someone tried to do something similar, please help me.


      Thank you very much from argentina!


      PD: Sorry if I have errors in my english.