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    Is there a way to load another webpage in to a flash movie?

      Is there a way to load another webpage into a flash movie with AS2 or 3 so it displays within the movie? I'd like to do something similar to an html iframe where I have a box that contains another website (a web-accessed application). I'm trying to make a "control panel" flash interface where users can access several different web apps from the same place, and they would open right in the interface--not in a new window. Any help would be appreciated!
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          Greg Dove Level 4
          You can load the raw html - if flash is told (e.g. via flashvars) the url of the page that you want (its available in flash as what you would think of as the browser's 'view source' style plain text) with either as2 or as3.

          But you can't do full browser-style rendering of the content because flash just can't do all that. You could parse the raw html (probably a custom parser as I think the internal xml parser might choke on some of the tags in html that are not closed such as <br> etc) and just pick out bits of text or images that you could display but you can't achieve an embedded browser.

          Adobe's AIR might be more what you want - it has embedded browser support- but it doesn't run inside a browser like flash.