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    Question on download of 5.0.2

    SFL46 Level 3



      In lieu of the automatic download, I prefer to go to Adobe.com and do a manual download so that I can save the file in case of a future reinstall.


      There are two options presented for the 5.0.2 upgrade: (1) upgrade for electronic download, and (2) upgrade for DVD installation.  The two options link to files with identical names and file sizes.  However, the options appear to be mis-identified as the (1) link takes you to a page that is entitled "CS5 5.0.2 upgrade for electronic downloads"--but the first paragraph ends with "This update applies to DVD installation...".  Link (2) does just the reverse.


      (1) what is the correct version for a 5.0.0 installation from DVD with a 5.0.1 upgrade from electronic download?


      Thank you