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    Project won't render

    rocke Level 1

      Working in PrE8 ... 12 minute slide show with animated backgrounds and a few titles, lots of effects and transitions ...

      Animated background is standard def video -- used "interpret footage" to change to 16:9 ...

      The red line indicating unrendered video is across the entire timeline ...

      And when I render it to MPG for making a DVD a lot of the video still looks unrendered ...

      Any suggestions?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          It appears that you are using the term "render" to reflect both the process of Rendering the Timeline (hitting Enter), and also for Export/Share, as when you mention MPEG.


          Now, what are the pixel x pixel dimensions of your stills?


          What is the format/CODEC of your animated background?


          What program do you plan on using to author your DVD?


          What happens with that red line, when you hit Enter?


          Good luck,



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            rocke Level 1

            Should have said program won't "background render" project ...

            Pictures are all sizes and shapes, most are big enough for a video project, although not ideal (1-2MB) --

            Animated backgrounds are NTSC SD .avi files (not sure what kind of compression, but they aren't uncompressed)

            Using Windows DVD Maker because it has a looping function (yay!) ...


            And the problem is -- the red line is constant -- not background rendering and no rendering in the program when I hit enter ...


            However, I found that the show rendered in Share/Personal Computer/MPEG ... and I was able to make DVDs -- so I'm all set, but would still love to know why it quit background rendering ...


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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Background Rendering is very resource intensive. It really is only effective on a stout workstation, as its operation slows everything else down to a crawl. Going back to when it was introduced in early Pinnacle Studio versions, I cannot recall of any user, who did not turn it OFF. With it running, and functioning at every edit, no one could get any work done. They just had to sit and wait, even if all they did was Trim a Clip by 1 Frame. Basically, the computers of the day, just sat, until that Background Rendering was completed.


              I am not sure why Adobe even added that "feature."


              As Rendering is just for smoothest playback, many Projects never need to be Rendered at all. I finish many, and never Render 1 Frame. However, when doing a lot of Effects, and especially Keyframed Effects, I might Render a small segment dozens of times.


              Glad that you managed to get your Project done.


              I understand using other authoring software, especially when it offers additional features, such as Looping. PrE's authoring is highly automated, but highly limiting.


              Good luck,



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                rocke Level 1

                good to know about background rendering -- I have an i7 processor, so it takes no time at all ... but I will turn it off.

                I remember this feature from many an early days Avid edit session.