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    Is it catalyst capable to do this?


      hello, I'm going to try to explain this, since I'm not good at english.

      I have been using flash catalyst for a few weeks, I'm doing an interactive map, I was really excited about having this software since it's really easy to use and give you lots of possibilities, as I said, I started making my interactive map, and everything was perfect, I make "bubbles" with text in there when you click or when the mouse roll over a place etc. But I found that isn't possible to create more than 20 state (I know, even more with custom components), I was trying to do a map with hundreds of cities (1300 more or less), so, I want to know if this is going to be possible with catalyst, or what software should I use to do this. Also I would like you to see this map http://activeden.net/item/interactive-map-of-arkansas/62593 and tell me what software it's used to do the map, adobe flash? (I bought the wrong software lol).

      I will be looking forward an answer, thank you very much for your answers.