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    Radio Button - Set Item Visible?

    Steele Imaging
      Say I have a two radio button set that is basically YES/NO and both belong to the group called 'WebGroup' -

      I have two dateField components that a user will interact with to select a "Start Date" and an "End Date"

      So, if the the default radioButton select is NO (the instanceName is "webstoryNO") I would like the dateField components whose instanceNames are "webstryStrt" and "webstryEnd" dissapear.

      Can this be done? How?
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          If you are moving to a new frame to show this content, and the
          radioButton is set to no by default then you can just tell the two
          dateField components to be not visible. Then when/if the user selects
          the yes radioButton, set the visible of these dateFields to true using
          the onChange function of the yes button.

          If you are creating the radioButtons and the dateFields using
          actionscript, then just set the visible property of the dateField
          objects at the end of the end of the function that calls
          createClassObject(). Then make them visible as above.


          Rob Dillon
          Adobe Community Expert