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    After Effects CS5 Error Message

    JesseHarris Level 1



      I'm working in AE CS5, OS 10.6.4, and I have 3 footage sequences in a comp, Two I can render to proxy no problem and the third piece of footage keeps coming up with the error


      AE Error:  couldn't perform post-process action because the item to replace is missing.


      I have the 3 footage sequences in 3 separate sub-folders inside the main shot folder on my JBOD drive array.  I have tried completely deleting the project, and related compositions and trying over from the beginning but with the same result.  I'm at a loss as to what to do, any help would be appreciated.



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Check your render setting! Seems you have "Repalce Usage" enabled and create an unresolvable circular loop.



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            JesseHarris Level 1

            Thanks for the reply!


            However the only place I can find "Replace Usage" is in the Output Module, under the pull-down menu; "Post-Render Action".  I have a template choosing "Set Proxy" and not "Import & Replace Usage.


            Am I missing "Replace Usage" in the Render Module?  Any other ideas for me?


            I appreciate it, thank you.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              But do you store the files in separate locations/ give them unique names? Still sounds like you are throwing off things by overwriting your own files...



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                JesseHarris Level 1

                I haven't been changing the file name, however I have been modifying the default save dialogue box to save the proxies to a folder within the shot folder I mention above.  I've been saving all the proxies in the same folder.  The movie gets saved ok, but no proxy is assigned/saved to my footage in AE where I need it...  I guess my question know becomes; how, (do I reset the output?) and where should I save the output to...?


                Please excuse my inexperience - and your help is much appreciated!




                edit:  and when I right-click>create proxy on my footage, another composition with the footage name is created.  Is this correct?  I have actually watched Andrew Kramer's Creating Proxy Video numerous times, following his instructions to the letter, (so I thought), and I didn't notice that happen.  His proxy was created with the on/off square next to the footage with no problem!  Arrrgh.


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                  Ok I have been stuck looking for an answer to this all day, so I thought I would share what I have found when someone else googles and comes across this thread


                  Essentially what is happening is that when you have created a custom output module you have also saved which artwork will be replaced with a proxy.


                  Test it with without changing the output module