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    Long Projects exported Media Encoder 5.0.1 fail to finish


      Exporting 90 minute P2 AVC-INTRA 100 sequence or a 90 Motion JPEG sequence fails to finish.  Both exports fail around 50%.  Media Encoder 5.0.1 fails to finish.  This is reminicent of PP 2 and CS3 days when long sequences would not finish.  In this case I ended up breaking up the sequence into two parts and the exports complete.  Suspect that media encoder 5.0.1 over time generates error that there is not enough disk space when there actually is.  Media Encoder indicates error compiling movie.  Maybe not refreshing itself during the export process.  Developers need to fix this asap.  Memory management may also be an issue with this problem.


      If anyone is having this same exporting problem suggest you break up project into chunks for now until this is fixed by Adobe.


      Cannot finish long projects with this bug not being fixed.