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    Locate used clip within sequence timeline?

    Sudden Nico Level 1

      Hello everyone. I am fairly new to PPro within the last few months. This is my first post to the forums and look forward to sharing with the community more in the future. The issue at hand seems fairly siimple to me but I have been surprised that I've been unable to find any info within these forumsor anywhere else online. I have a 2 hour video edit I am working on. I have used a portion of an audio clip within my sequence timeline somewhere and I wand to use the rest of the clip elsehwhere in the edit. My question is: Is there a way to easily look up the specific locations of the used clip within the timeline from the project panel or anywhere else?

      I have been magnifying the timeline sequence and scrolling through the past hour of edited footage to manually look for where I used the clip but there has to be a better way of locating the spots in a timeline that I've used the clip. Is there anyway to search within the timeline for specific files? I am using Premiere Pro CS5 v5.0.2

      MacBook Pro

      2.66 GHz Intel Core

      4 GB RAM


      Any information regarding this will help greatly, It's been driving me crazy not being able to find any info about this for the past week.