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    After Effects Doesn't Like Photoshop!


      Hi Everyone. I was using CS4, got upgraded to CS5, load the project, and voila! I get this error every-single-time:

      After Effects Error Negative19.JPG

      The funny thing... is that I HAVE NO PHOTOSHOP FILES OPEN!! None in the Composition, the Project's Palette, NOWHERE!


      Also, in the Info Palette, I get this:

      Insufficient RAM.JPG


      Which is bizarre, since I have Multiprocessing turned OFF! So let me show you my settings in the Preferences:


      A.E. Memory Preferences.JPG

      And My Macs':

      My Macs Settings.JPG

      Also, I downloaded and upgraded A.E. to the 10.0.1 patch.


      Any sugestions as to what I'm doing wrong?


      Thanks in adavance, and excuse my English!



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          This has nothing to do with Photoshop. A "Photoshop file" is any image file that is handled via a specific loading routine. This can be a TIF, a JPEG or something else. The error message is just not very specific about it and you need to tell us these things yourself. I suggest you simply do a File --> Collect in CS4, using the log-only mode and then post the relevant sections here. On that same note, it may help if you use this procedure along with the consolidate and remove unused files options to clean your CS4 project of items that may not even be used anywhere. Who knows, you could get rid of the offending file already this way...