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    Referencing Interfaces

    jfillman Level 1

      I'm trying to be organized and put my modules in one folder under the SRC file, skins in another folder, etc. This worked just fine until I went to implement an interface.


      Unless the parent application, module, and interface are all in the same folder, I cannot get the parent or the module to recognize or find the module.


      In the parent app, I'm referencing the interface like this:


      var intOne:* = chartGraph.child as LoadGraph;


      I get the error, undefined property LoadGraph, which I understand, sort of. So I tried adding:


      import modInterfaces.*;


      Nothing changed.


      In the module, I have this:


      <MX:Module  implements="LoadGraph" ...>


      and I get the error "LoadGraph" not found.


      If I put everything in the same directory, everything works fine, but I'm going to have dozens of modules and interfaces, and I really need to keep things organized. Is there a way to reference the location? Keep in mind the modules and the interfaces are both in lower level folders, below the SRC folder, something like this: