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    Page numbering = PDF numbering counter

    kootoo fr


      I'm badly in need of help...

      I have a pdf cover and a book text which pages are numbered from 1 to x p.

      I inserted the cover before the first page, but I don't know how I can get my book page numbering equal to the PDF page numbering counter.

      I was thinking of creating sections in my PDF, as I would do with Quark Xpress, In Design or Word... but I can't find out how to do it !


      Any idea ?





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          CtDave Level 6

          Acrobat provides a 'page numbering' facility that may help.


          Using Acrobat Professional - open the Page panel
          (View > Navigation Panels > Pages)
          Now, open the Options menu (the drop-down associated with the "cogwheel icon" in Acrobat 9's Pages panel).

          Select "Number Pages".
          The Page Numbering dialog permits assigning different page numbering styles.
          These may be given a prefix.
          Sections of pages can have different styles.
          The value (1, 2, etc) for the start page of a designated section can be given.
          Configuration can be assigned to all pages, selected pages (as selected in the Pages panel's page thumbnails) or to a specified range.

          Review Acrobat Help for more details.

          Be well...