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    PDFMOUTLOOK addin (Outlook 2010)


      Is it just me that thinks this or are companies like Microsoft and Adobe just lazy?


      Hasn't it been clear that Outlook 2010 has been out for a long while, as well as Windows 7?


      So why won't PDFMOUTLOOK addin work with Outlook 2010?  Certainly the people at Adobe knew that Outlook 2010 was on the way.  Certainly since they touted how cool this addin was, one would think that they would have had plenty of time to develop an addin compatible with Outlook 2010.


      It's this type of lazy behavior in companies that has me frothing.  I don't think there's any excuse for it, but ultmately, it's our own fault as the consumer isn't it.


      We keep coming back to companies like Adobe and Microsoft to buy their s*** and until we don't, thus expressing our dissatisfaction with their business practices, we will keep getting screwed .. and being told .... "oh, don't worry, that addin will be available in the next major upgrade version of Adobe" ... wonderful.  And that will cost a few bucks I'm sure.


      One PissedOff Customer,