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    PDFMOUTLOOK addin (Outlook 2010)


      Is it just me that thinks this or are companies like Microsoft and Adobe just lazy?


      Hasn't it been clear that Outlook 2010 has been out for a long while, as well as Windows 7?


      So why won't PDFMOUTLOOK addin work with Outlook 2010?  Certainly the people at Adobe knew that Outlook 2010 was on the way.  Certainly since they touted how cool this addin was, one would think that they would have had plenty of time to develop an addin compatible with Outlook 2010.


      It's this type of lazy behavior in companies that has me frothing.  I don't think there's any excuse for it, but ultmately, it's our own fault as the consumer isn't it.


      We keep coming back to companies like Adobe and Microsoft to buy their s*** and until we don't, thus expressing our dissatisfaction with their business practices, we will keep getting screwed .. and being told .... "oh, don't worry, that addin will be available in the next major upgrade version of Adobe" ... wonderful.  And that will cost a few bucks I'm sure.


      One PissedOff Customer,


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          Bill@VT Mythic

          Just print to the Adobe PDF printer. There are many posts on OFFICE 2010 that offer the same complaint with various discussions about the issues. It is hard to say exactly why Adobe does not have a release yet, though they are focusing on AA10, not a fix for prior versions. It would appear this is not a great strategy, but it is what is going on. In addition, the fix may not be so easy. MicroSoft has a way of not documenting their things too well and so others have to do a lot of development and playing around to get things to work correctly. If you want to rant about Adobe and MS, there are several other topics posted that include long rants that you could join, but I doubt that Adobe is listening -- remember, this is a USER forum. I hope you got some of it out of your system.

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            homeispv Newcomer

            Yeah, you're right ... as to the "print" to pdf file; that is fine for one email at a time, but I like keeping my outlook.pst file lean, so what I was doing before is when a client's deal was done, I would then, rather than archive, use the pdfmoutlook addin to, en masse, pdf an entire folder.  It was a great utility and I miss that function.

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              I agree whole heartedly!

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                mike_bleier Newcomer

                I think I have a very simple solution... delete the file.  It worked for me.  I didn't use this particular add-in anyway.


                On my windows 7 computer, the file was located here:


                c:\program files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat 9.0\PDFMaker\Mail\Outlook\PDFMOutlook.dll


                Just delete the PDFMOutlook.dll file and you should be good to go.

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                  select all the emails in the folder you want to PDF (CTRL A) - on the menu bar click file, then choose the pdf printer and print. The files you selected will stay selected while you do this. Does the same thing as the add-in with one extra step. One pdf file with all the emails in it.

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                    @ kensandiego

                    printing to PDF printer does not include the attachments that may be in the selected emails, thus not a true solution

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                      Neelam Y. Newcomer

                      I have been using Acrobat PDFMOutlook Addin with Outlook 2010 for quite some time now. It works fine for me.

                      I use it to archive all my mails and I do not find any problem. Could you tell me the specific scenario in which your add-in is not working..

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                        Neelam Y. Newcomer

                        I am using Acrobat 10.1.2

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                          I'm using Adobe 10.1.4 and can only PDF one email at a time.  Is there anyway of PDFing a whole folder within Outlook 2010?  (which is what the original question is I think)

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                            Same issue, latest version of Acrobat.

                            Win7 64 system

                            Acrobat X, Ver. 10.1.6

                            Outlook 2010 (32bit)

                            I have been using the PDFMOutlook.dll successfully for some time, at least as long as I've had Outlook 2010 and Acrobat X installed on the machine.  The right-click functionality for archiving email messages and the attachments is a lifesaver for my work.

                            Everything was working as always until a couple weeks ago (the last time I archived email that I can recall).  Now I'm getting the error that crashes Outlook. The timing of this change *may* correspond to the 10.1.6 upgrade (can't recall when I installed that update) so I'm quite suspicious that it is related to the 10.1.6 update.

                            Adobe, PLEASE HELP.  This add-in is one of the single most useful tools on my computer.

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                              LoriAUC Rockstar

                              To convert an entire folder, right-click on the folder in Outlook and select "Convert "Folder Name" to Adobe PDF.

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                                LoriAUC Rockstar

                                Can you provide details on the error message?

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                                  I am also having the same problem. I recently upgraded to Adobe X pro, Running version 10.1.7. The PDFmaker is available for word, excel, but I am missing the addin for outlook. It is not available in the Disabled adins, it is not in the registry files. Anyone else experiencing the same problems? I have rolled out on 50+ machines running 32 bit Office with the same problem. Anyone else having the same problem?