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    simple buttons from illustrator not workin?

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      I have a fairly simple site a did the layout for in illustrator. All the main navigation is simple text. I can go in and put any of the effects on it for the over state adn it previews fine if I hit the paly button, but if I go to run project they dont work. If I just retype the text in FC and add the effect (3d rotate) it works perfectly. Has anyone else run into this problem? Is there a solution?


      Also, I have tried converting to outlines and that doesnt do the trick either. Also, through boxes behind the text with no fill (thinking clear button like flash) but that didnt work. Any help would be apprciated.



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          ok, I got it partially working using the ai file by putting a white box around each button and changing the opacity to 0% before bringing it over. But the the effect is still pretty glitchy. Unless I mouse over it at just the perfect spot they just sort of sit there and shake until I mouse over the perfect spot. Once I find the perfect spot they work justt fine. Am I missing a setting somewhere? Since there is a trasparent image there now it isnt going off the image, which is what it reminds me of.


          Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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            I'm not completely certain what you're trying to do. Can you be a bit more specific?


            What I'm inferring from your post is that you have a piece of text you creating in AI. When you imported the project into Catalyst, you converted the text to a button and then added a Rotate3D effect on the Over state. Is that correct? I just tested it and it seemed to work fine - the text is rotating when I test the project. So, I'm thinking that I might be misunderstanding what you're doing. Can you please provide excat step-by-step of what you're trying to do so that I can try to recreate your example and see what's going wrong?




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              Thanks for getting back to me. And yes you got it right. It is working correctly, its just really glitchy.What I mean by this is that when you mouse over it, rather than do a 3d rotate it trys to do the the 3d rotate and gets maybe 10-15% done then resets and trys again. So it has sort of a shakey effect. Once I find the perfect spot it completes it. Does that make sense?


              I think it has something to do with the fact that it is text and a small area, which is why I created the box and gave it a 0% opacity. I dont have a way to capture video so I cant show you what I am seeing. If you have any suggestions on where to upload something I can upload this section of the file as a swf or as an fxp  or both so you can see what I am talking about.

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                OK, so I've done some more research and the general consensus is that this is simply a limitation of the way FC works. What seems to be happening when you mouse over the edge of text is that the text starts to rotate, which unfortunately moves it away from the mouse, triggering it to return to the Up state, but then the mouse is back over it, triggering the Over state, which moves the text away from the mouse... hence, the wiggle effect.

                Flash Pro doesn't have this problem since you can define a separate Hit state to specify the clickable area. Unfortunately, Catalyst doesn't have a Hit state definition, so the general consensus from the folks I talked to is that your approach of adding the invisible graphic object is the right one.

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                  Hi again Rob,


                  Thanks for looking into it. I actualy recreated the file in a smaller version- just the portion with the text buttons so I could upload it but it doesnt look like you need it. So here is where I am with it - it has the invisble graphics (a rectangle created in AI given a white fill at 0% opacity), but still has the same issue.Unfortunatley the buttons are on top of an image so just making the rectangle the color as the background wont work.


                  Theoretically shouldnt this isuue be the same for any text button effects? Resizeing? Rotate? Move? This seems like a pretty big oversite as I am sure there are lots of text buttons needing to be made.


                  On a side note, can you also please clarify if FC is still in Beta? I continue to see posts with people saying that, yet it came with my upgrade to CS5, and I cant seem to find anything official from Adobe and it is avilable for purchase on the site.



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                    First, the easy bit: no, Catalyst is not in beta. Version 1 was released in April as Catalyst CS5.


                    Second, yes you are correct that this will be a problem with many effects; basically, anything that caused the text to move or resize in such a way that the mouse might no longer be over it would have problems.


                    And third, yes this is a problem. I'm not sure it's an oversight per se, but we do need to keep in mind that we are working with a 1.0 product, so there are quite a few things that simply did not make it into this version. However, Adobe is aware of these things and I'm sure they will look at issues like this for future releases. You can file an enhancement request using the Wish Form at https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform. The product teams do see everything submitted there.

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                      Hey Rob,


                      Not quite the answer I was looking for but an answer still the same. I guess what that means is I need to go back and revise my layout.


                      On the beta question you may want to have someone go through some of the recent posts here and clear that matter up by responding to recent posts where people refer to it as a beta, but that is just a suggestion and I am sure you guys are all busy.


                      Thank you very much for all the help.